Step into the future of primary care. Experience PeakMed Direct Primary Care, with no waiting, no rushed doctor appointments, and no insurance required.

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PeakMed Direct Primary Care

DPC is a new model for delivering primary healthcare with simplicity and cost transparency.

DPC Doctors can take care of 80% to 90% of all your healthcare needs.

Same day appointments, no office wait times, and phone access 24/7.

Health and Care

PeakMed offers a simplified and smarter approach to better health without the stress and limitations of third-party insurance companies. Our membership provides unlimited office visits with plenty of one-on-one time with your doctor, allowing you the opportunity to take proactive steps toward a healthier life.


No co-pays, no deductibles and wholesale/cash pay pricing for medications, labs, and imaging.

On-Site Pharmacy

Wholesale prices on prescription medications.

24/7 Healthcare

Personal access to your doctor via phone, text, and email.

Whole Body Care

Real time to discuss your health with 30-60 minute doctor appointments.

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