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It's All About The Experience

PeakMed is a refreshingly simple and smarter way for you to take a proactive approach toward your health. Instead of insurance, PeakMed charges an affordable fixed monthly membership that’s less than the cost of a mobile phone or cable bill. With no insurance system to limit you, and no limit on the number of visits you can schedule at our Health Centers, you and your PeakMed doctor spend the time you need to work together as a team to proactively focus on improving your health.

  • No Hidden Costs
  • No Deductibles
  • Zero Co-Pays
  • No waiting for appointments
  • Thorough Consultations
  • No Insurance Required


Cost Savings with PeakMed Colorado Primary Care

50% in Emergency Room with PeakMed Innovative Primary Care

Emergency Room

80% Savings in Urgent Care with Direct Primary Care offered by Peakmed

Urgent Care

75% Savings in Medications with Direct Primary Care PeakMed


50% Savings in Labs with PeakMed Innovative Direct Primary Care


70% Savings in Family Practice Doctor offered by PeakMed


Build a Healthier Workforce with PeakMed for Business offering Direct Primary Care

Build a Healthier Workforce with PeakMed for Business

PeakMed Innovative Primary Care is perfect for businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations of all sizes to reduce costs, improve the health and wellness of your workforce, and attract new employees. Contact PeakMed For Business to get a quote today for Direct Primary Services.

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