Step into the future of primary care. Experience PeakMed Direct Primary Care, with no waiting, no rushed doctor appointments, and no insurance required.

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About Us

PeakMed not only offers conventional care such check-ups, physicals and diagnosis, but also wellness care, urgent care and much more. At PeakMed Direct Primary Care, there are no long waits, rushed or impersonal appointments. Members can schedule same or next day appointments M-F between 9:00AM – 5:00PM, ask general questions by email, and reach their doctor for emergency medical advice by telephone or text 24 x 7.

PeakMed Direct Primary Care is advancing access in Doctor/Patient relationship-based health care at an affordable price. We think that you will find the concept of PeakMed exceptionally refreshing, transparent, cost effective, and most importantly good for your long term health as well as your wallet.

PeakMed members enjoy the benefit of making same day or next appointments with little or no wait times. There is no limit to the number of times our members can visit their doctor at PeakMed, and pre-existing conditions are never a problem. Non-urgent communications can be addressed through email during normal business hours M-F. If you need to reach a PeakMed Doctor on a weekend or after business hours, your PeakMed doctor can be reached for advice 24 hours a day 7 days a week by text or telephone.

PeakMed’s Direct Primary Care Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Adult & Pediatric Care (except for children’s routine vaccinations)
  • Chronic Disease Management: High blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol etc.
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Sports Medicine, including InBody 570 body composition analysis
  • On-Site Pharmacy with wholesale pricing
  • Blood draws with low-cost test results
  • Wound care, including stitches, staples and/or surgical glue
  • Dermatology procedures: skin tag removal, wart removal, skin biopsies
  • Annual & School Sports Physicals
  • EKG & Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Counsel on safe health behaviors, self-care skills, diet or lifestyle changes

If you don’t see what you are looking for on the list of services above, ask us, and don’t be surprised if the answer is “yes”.

PeakMed Executive Team

Dr. Mark Tomasulo, D.O.
Founder & Chief Medical Officer

With an ever-changing healthcare system and frustration among both doctors and patients Dr. Tomasulo founded PeakMed Primary Care with a goal of redefining access and decreasing healthcare costs. The business of healthcare has rapidly changed over the last 15 years and as a result the doctor-patient relationship has suffered. Doctors are reluctant to enter the specialty of Family Medicine and senior mentoring physicians are retiring early. The restructuring of the healthcare system has increased costs to the patient…READ FULL BIO

Welcome From Our Founder

PeakMed Direct Primary Care’s mission is to provide DIRECT access to a doctor regardless of insurance, pre-existing conditions, age, or illness with same day appointments, no office wait times, and phone access 24/7.

The concept of PeakMed is to provide unparalleled quality of care, incorporate technology to improve whole person health, create transparent pricing, and open access at YOUR convenience!

PeakMed Primary Care provides exceptional healthcare at an exceptionally lower cost for individuals and businesses alike. In the last few decades, doctors have needed to see more patients in a day leading to decreased access, longer office wait times, shorter face to face time, and difficulty creating a healthy relationship between the patient and the doctor. This current system has ultimately lead to a lower standard of primary care and frustration among the doctors and patients alike. PeakMed is an innovative approach to medicine in the 21st century to help utilize all technologies such as telemedicine, fitness tracker data like Fitbit, bluetooth glucometers and blood pressure meters etc … to achieve higher standards of health for our patients. By creating efficiency in healthcare and breaking down barriers such as access and cost allows us to re-establish the doctor-patient relationship and provide care like days of old.

I think that you will find the innovative concept of PeakMed exceptionally refreshing, transparent, cost effective, and most importantly good for your long term health and wallet.

Dr. Mark Tomasulo, D.O.
Chief Medical Officer
PeakMed Direct Primary Care