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How Are We Able TO Charge So Little For Our Services?

The truth is, health care is not as expensive as everyone thinks. Unfortunately, a typical medical practice needs a staff of 4 to 5 people to support and process insurance coding, billing and collecting, not to mention changing patient insurance circumstances and follow-up filling. These associated costs increase the overhead of every medical practice but doesn’t do anything to improve anyone’s health.

PeakMed does it differently. By going direct, PeakMed avoids the costly overhead, and passes that savings on to our Members. Another major benefit is that with far less administrative overhead, PeakMed doctors now have far more time to invest in consultations with Member/patients.

PeakMed’s unique business model empowers our doctors to focus deeply on patient care, handling one-fourth the number of the patients of conventional primary care doctors. Your PeakMed doctor has the time to build relationships with you and other patients and provide real quality care, at an affordable price. It’s the way it used to be in private practice decades ago! Today, we are leading the direct primary care movement and setting the example on how to deliver better health care.