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What If I Need To See A Specialist?

PeakMed is a direct primary care practice. We provide far more services than conventional primary care, but sometimes more complex diagnostic procedures are referred to specialists.

That said, another vitally important advantage for PeakMed Members is special expedited access to over 100 medical specialists. In many (but not all) cases, instead of waiting for a specialist, your PeakMed Doctor has access to a large network of specialists via virtual conference access.

Remember that membership fees paid to PeakMed do not cover specialist fees or fees due to any medical professional other than PeakMed Direct Primary Care; this is where your health insurance comes in. That said, your PeakMed Doctor will assist in coordinating the best specialty care you need.

After specialist care, your PeakMed doctor will help you formulate a plan (if appropriate) that includes components of further testing, medication, therapy, diet or life-style changes, education, and follow up results of treatment.