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April 2017

Dr. Mark Tomasulo explains PeakMed Direct Primary Care in 60 seconds. Direct Primary Care is so simple, that it can actually be challenging to explain to those who have never heard of it!  If you ever find yourself needing to quickly explain Direct Primary Care to friends, family, or co-workers, just show them this 60-second intro to PeakMed Direct Primary Care, by Dr. Mark Tomasulo, founder and Chief Medical Officer of

After months of work by sponsoring members of Colorado's House, Colorado Academy of Family Physicians, and several Direct Primary Care physicians here in Colorado, led in part by Dr. Mark Tomasulo, founder of PeakMed, HB 17-1115 was finally signed into law yesterday by Governor John Hickenlooper. The new law concerns the establishment of direct primary health care agreements to operate without regulation by the Colorado Division of Insurance. The bill establishes parameters

By Kelsey Ray, Colorado Independent on April 10, 2017 Coloradans frustrated with the high costs of primary healthcare, take heed: A bill to protect a lower-cost model heads today to the state House floor after passing committee in both chambers. Fed up with the administrative burdens of “fee-for-service” insurance billing, family doctors across the country increasingly are turning to a payment model called direct primary care, in which patients and their primary