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$5.5M Raise, Led by ASI Capital, Allows for PeakMed’s Expansion

PeakMed has announced a $5.5 million fundraise, led by ASI Capital, LLC, which will support PeakMed’s expansion to include new LifeCenters, telemedicine technology, vehicles for house calls and additional staff.

ASI Capital, LLC, a private debt and equity firm based in Colorado Springs, led this fundraising round through its Healthcare Fund and Income Fund.

“Demand for our health care model is growing,” said Dr. Mark Tomasulo, founder and chief medical officer of PeakMed. “ASI Capital is our partner that believes in what we are doing and wants to see PeakMed succeed. This money is helping PeakMed be more accessible to more people.”


With this funding comes PeakMed’s expansion. PeakMed will open new LifeCenters in Colorado Springs and Denver this fall as well as be able to perform house calls to members using two new vehicles for this service. Additionally, PeakMed is hiring additional staff and implementing new technology to allow secure 24/7 communication between doctors and members through a call, email, text and even video chat.

“We recognize the need for change in the health care marketplace,” Sean Hawkins, managing partner of ASI Capital, LLC, said. “PeakMed’s reinvention of health care with a model that brings focus back to the doctor-patient relationship, preventative care, affordability, and access to care is something that we want to see succeed for people in Colorado and beyond.”

“We anticipate significant growth over the next year,” Jon Hernandez, CEO of PeakMed said. “In addition to opening new locations, we expect to offer new services to our members that aren’t available in traditional health care plans.”

Recently, the funding from ASI Capital, LLC and PeakMed’s expansion plans were covered in the Denver Business Journal. It is a very exciting time to be a part of PeakMed as it looks ahead to the future. Watch for more news coming out this fall!

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