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Colorado Flu Season Breaks Record

Flu shots are available at your local PeakMed LifeCenter and you might consider getting one. Last year’s 2017-2018 flu season broke records in Colorado with over 4-thousand people hospitalized. (CDPHE) Coloradan’s ages 6-months and older are encouraged to get a flu shot, especially the elderly and those with weak immune systems. The vaccine takes about two weeks to take effect so October and November is a great time to get it.

Three facts about flu vaccines 

  • You need a flu shot every year because flu viruses are constantly changing. 
  • Flu shots are not 100% effective, but they can prevent others from getting sick, make the illness milder, and keep you from ending up in the hospital. 
  • Colorado’s flu season typically peaks during the months of December, January, and February.  

 Did You Know…
Four types of the flu virus exist: A and B, which are responsible for seasonal flu epidemics in people; C, which is relatively rare, causes a mild respiratory illness, and is not thought to cause epidemics; and D, which primarily infects cattle and isn’t known to affect people. ( 

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