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Direct Primary Health Care Services Bill Passes In Senate Committee

Denver, Colorado – House Bill 17-1115 passed the Colorado Senate Committee unanimously today. Dr. Mark Tomasulo testified before the Colorado Senate Committee today on behalf of the bill, clarifying Direct Primary Health Care Services, concerning the establishment of direct primary health care agreements to operate without regulation by the division of insurance.

Description of the Bill: The bill establishes parameters under which a direct primary care agreement (agreement) may be implemented. An agreement may be entered into between a direct primary health care provider (provider) and a patient for the payment of a periodic fee and for a specified period of time. The provider must be a licensed, registered, or certified individual or entity authorized to provide primary care services.

The bill establishes that the agreement is not the business of insurance or the practice of underwriting and does not fall under regulation of the division of insurance. The bill outlines the conditions under which a provider may discontinue care to a patient.

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