Step into the future of primary care. Experience PeakMed Direct Primary Care, with no waiting, no rushed doctor appointments, and no insurance required.

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Get To Know PeakMed In 60 Seconds

Dr. Mark Tomasulo explains PeakMed Direct Primary Care in 60 seconds. Direct Primary Care is so simple, that it can actually be challenging to explain to those who have never heard of it!  If you ever find yourself needing to quickly explain Direct Primary Care to friends, family, or co-workers, just show them this 60-second intro to PeakMed Direct Primary Care, by Dr. Mark Tomasulo, founder and Chief Medical Officer of PeakMed.

Want to find out more about PeakMed? Check out PeakMed’s flat, monthly membership pricing. with no surprises. Check out our health center locations in Denver and Colorado Springs.  Interested in PeakMed as an outstanding benefit for your employees? See PeakMed for Business here.

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