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Integrated Behavioral, Mental Health Services Added to Expanded Tutt LifeCenter

With 2017 in the rear-view mirror, we’re turning our attention to the new year and everything new that comes with flipping the calendar to 2018. At PeakMed, several new things are happening this year that will allow us to improve the way both health and care are being delivered in Colorado.

Integrated Behavioral Health Comes to PeakMed

First, we’re launching a partnership with AllHealth Network to provide our members at the Tutt LifeCenter with integrated behavioral health services, including mental health appointments, with a licensed behavioral health clinician. Integrated behavioral health means coordinated health care between your primary medical provider and a behavioral health provider to achieve full physical and mental health care. Other LifeCenters are expected to add the services in 2019.

AllHealth Network is a a non-profit healthcare organization focused on providing a full spectrum of behavioral healthcare to more than 17,000 individuals in a number of unique settings. PeakMed members will have the opportunity to schedule sessions with the on-site clinician, who is in the Tutt LifeCenter daily.

“Health care is about treating the whole person, both mentally and physically, which leads to better patient outcomes,” said Dr. Mark Tomasulo, founder and chief medical officer of PeakMed. “We are honored to be able to offer mental health care to our portfolio of member services.”

By adding integrated behavioral health services into our list of offerings, we’re giving members a viable and efficient way of ensuring they have access to quality mental health care. When health care providers treat underlying mental health conditions in addition to the physical symptoms, individuals tend to be healthier, happier and often require fewer health care services.

Tutt LifeCenter Expands

We have also expanded our flagship LifeCenter on Tutt Boulevard in Colorado Springs. The expansion nearly doubled the LifeCenter’s size to 6,000 square feet, better accommodating the growing need for our services in the Colorado Springs community.

With this expansion comes new technology as well. We are rolling out drchrono, a new electronic medical records program, as well as CirrusMD, a telemedicine platform allowing for text-based, HIPAA-compliant communication between PeakMed providers and members. Technology in medicine is crucial to make health care more efficient and cost-effective. They support our staff, provide reliable medical information and offer valuable solutions to our members and providers.

“Our goal is to deliver true innovation by vertically integrating our medical services and utilizing the best technology solutions available, while completely removing ourselves from conveyor-belt medicine,” Jon Hernandez, CEO of PeakMed said.

Both the Denver and Colorado Springs markets will each see a new brick-and-mortar LifeCenter come online in early 2018. Our addition of integrated behavioral health services as well as the introduction of new physical locations are the result of our members’ excitement and belief in what we are doing to change the way health and care are being delivered across the state.

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