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PeakMed Announces New PeakMed Champions Project

New Community Project To “Share Direct Primary Care” Takes Root in Colorado

PeakMed Colorado, the leading Direct Primary Care provider in Colorado, announced the kickoff of the PeakMed Champions Project. The project’s primary purpose is to spearhead a grass-roots community effort to support the PeakMed Direct Primary Care movement that’s already begun in Colorado.

Over 4,000 members are already part of PeakMed Direct Primary Care in Colorado. Among them, many have come forward wanting to share the PeakMed experience with others, and promote direct primary care to other individuals, families and businesses. There are already over 50 5-star positive reviews on Facebook about PeakMed.

Now, the team who brought you PeakMed is asking for support from the community to put their hearts and souls into championing this great cause! PeakMed Direct Primary Care isn’t concierge medicine for the affluent only; this is affordable primary care for everyone. It’s not insurance either. Rather, it’s all about the care!

The PeakMed community leadership team is now actively asking current PeakMed members to share their stories as well, to encourage others to join PeakMed and experience how great primary healthcare can be on the other side. To share your story or learn more, check out the Peakmed Champions Web page here.

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