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PeakMed LifeCenters Now Offering Vaccinations

While a shot might not be the most comfortable experience, the diseases they can prevent are much less pleasant. Some of the diseases that vaccinations prevent can be life-threatening. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), immunization currently prevents between 2 million and 3 million deaths every year. Consequently, immunization shots, or vaccinations, are essential. At PeakMed, we are all about disease prevention and staying healthy to live your best life.

Vaccinations at PeakMed

We’ve partnered with VaxCare, a preventive healthcare services provider, specializing in immunization services to physicians, employers, and health departments across the United States, to offer the convenience of on-site vaccinationsat each LifeCenter*. Here are some of the immunizations PeakMed offers through this partnership:

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Hep AZoster
Hep BDtap

“Our ability to provide vaccinations during check-ups is a huge benefit for patients and their overall health care,” said Dr. Mark Tomasulo. “This is an important service for any physician to offer, and the addition of this service cements PeakMed’s status as a leader in both patient care and health care.”

Vaccines aren’t just for children, some of your early-life vaccinations might have worn off, and new vaccines may have been developed since you were initially treated. What’s more, if you travel frequently, work in health care or have certain illnesses, you’ll likely need additional vaccines.

How do vaccines work? Vaccines contain disease-causing viruses and bacteria that have been killed or weakened. When a healthy person is treated with a vaccine, the vaccine prompts your immune system to respond and build immunity. Your immune system helps your body combat viruses, bacteria and diseases through a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to defend the body. Before vaccines, people gained immunity only by actually contracting a disease and surviving it.

We can route the cost of the vaccination through insurance or offer convenient cash-pay pricing at wholesale cost for these services which go beyond the standard membership fee.

The single best way to protect against diseases and illness is to get vaccinated. To protect yourself and the people you love, ensure your shots are up to date.

*Availability of certain vaccines may vary by location. For a comprehensive list of available vaccines or if you require a specific vaccination, please call your PeakMed LifeCenter to check availability.

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