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Three Technology Must-Haves to Innovate Health Care

Technology in medicine is crucial to make health care more efficient and cost-effective. When electronic medical records became a reality, the transition within an industry that relied on paper may have been a bit painful, but now it makes the best use of employees’ time. It is easier to share records between departments, get lab results quickly and send off prescriptions directly to a patient’s pharmacy.

When your goal is to redesign health care, like PeakMed, you always want to find the best technology to support your staff, provide reliable information and valuable solutions to the patients and providers. Here are three examples of technology we use to do just that:

  1. InBody ScanIt looks like a high-tech scale, but it provides so much more in-formation to the PeakMed member and provider than a person’s weight. Through InBody’s 8-Point Tactile Electrode System with thumb electrodes, we receive information on muscle mass, fat mass, basic metabolic rates, vis-ceral fat percentage, extra and intercellular water weight and more. InBody makes use of multiple currents at varying frequencies in order to provide most precise analysis results. The 8-Point Tactile Electrode System with thumb electrodes separates the current and voltage electrodes so that measure-ments always begin at a fixed point in the wrists and ankles. By using multi-ple currents set at different frequencies, InBody devices are able to provide precise information about body composition because many resistance values are attained.When a PeakMed member and their provider have the ability to gather this in-formation, it helps the physician offer guidance for a member’s personal goals on healthy lifestyle like weight loss and muscle gain. The accuracy with this technology provides much more detail than a typical scale found at your doc-tor’s office. These additional measurements allow your provider to create a more tailored care plan, centered around you.
  2. TeleMedicinePeakMed has partnered with CirrusMD, a Denver-based tele-medicine company, to offer easy communication between PeakMed mem-bers and their provider. Employing this HIPPA-compliant telemedicine ser-vice allows members to electronically connect with their doctor after normal business hours through secure messaging or video chat 24/7. And we mean your doctor. This service is not a nurse help line or a virtual appointment where you pay extra. These services are available at no extra cost to you!Consider the convenience of telemedicine during those inevitable times when your child is suddenly showing symptoms of strep at 8:00 p.m. Instead of go-ing to urgent care and paying hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket, our members can communicate directly with their provider and get started healing right away.
  3. Reporting and AnalyticsThe ability to identify and track health trends using big data is a crucial element for redirecting care to be proactive rather than reactive. Learning about our members, our practice and health trends through tracked data is crucial at PeakMed. On the business side of PeakMed, to en-sure we are following through on our mission, we validate our assertions with key analytics. Additionally, if we implement new and efficient practices de-signed to lower costs, our before-and-after data will confirm whether the new practices are working. On the health care side, if we see a spike in the flu, for example, we can alert all of our providers and take appropriate action on di-agnostics and prevention.We also believe our data has the potential to be more patient-focused than other forms of medical practice. When data from a clinic that accepts insur-ance is analyzed, for example, some of the procedures may have been done (or not done) in order to satisfy insurance billing code requirements. Addition-ally, it’s important to remember that because our members can visit without increasing their out-of-pocket expenses, we can show over time what healthcare choices our members choose when an additional co-pay or other expense is not factored into the decision.

Technology can provide so much more to health care than fancy buttons and colorful graphs. Technology delivers vital information to PeakMed providers, em-bedding a deeper connection to your health and your provider which results in improved health trends for PeakMed members as a whole. Technology can also deliver the value of reliable information to PeakMed members, unmatched ac-cess to their health care provider and the data to back up the PeakMed model and health care trends. Want to learn more about joining PeakMed? Click here to learn more.

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