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Four health-tech startups shared a $150,000 prize after competing in the fourth annual Prime Health Challenge, Oct. 19. The event’s goal is to help advance health care technologies that improve the experience for doctors and patients. The event, organized by Prime Health, was the culmination of a three-month process in which experts from across the industry evaluated the teams’ proposals and narrowed down the list from more than two dozen to six

Technology in medicine is crucial to make health care more efficient and cost-effective. When electronic medical records became a reality, the transition within an industry that relied on paper may have been a bit painful, but now it makes the best use of employees’ time. It is easier to share records between departments, get lab results quickly and send off prescriptions directly to a patient’s pharmacy. When your goal is to

This year has seen quite the “health care” debate. Members of Congress believe they have the solution to make health care affordable and keep health insurance markets from collapsing. But the so-called health care debate in Washington has nothing to do with actual health care, it has to do with health insurance. To solve the problems with actual health care, it’s time to work with the providers and the “boots

We all know the saying, “practice makes perfect.” Becoming a successful athlete requires polishing your craft and ensuring your body is up to the challenge.  For high school athletes who want to take their performance to the next level, developing healthy habits is crucial in keeping them energized, attentive and performing at their peak. Craig Kilpatrick, M.D. from our PeakMed LifeCenter in Englewood, Colo. introduces us to some healthy habits for

PeakMed has announced a $5.5 million fundraise, led by ASI Capital, LLC, which will support PeakMed’s expansion to include new LifeCenters, telemedicine technology, vehicles for house calls and additional staff. ASI Capital, LLC, a private debt and equity firm based in Colorado Springs, led this fundraising round through its Healthcare Fund and Income Fund. “Demand for our health care model is growing,” said Dr. Mark Tomasulo, founder and chief medical officer of PeakMed. “ASI Capital is