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Direct Primary Care Opinions & Advice

Your Small Business Can’t Afford Employee Health Insurance. Have You Looked At This Option?

Health benefits top the list in employee must-haves, but it is the most expensive benefit to provide. Only 47% of firms with 3 to 9 workers offer coverage. Businesses who can afford to provide health insurance are faced with passing this year’s hikes to their employees. The average annual premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance in 2018 are $6,896 for single coverage and $19,616 for family coverage. (Kaiser Family Foundation) 

Telemedicine: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Wouldn’t it be nice to have instant access to your doctor right from your pocket? Well, luckily, advances in communications technology have opened the door for telemedicine to remotely connect patients with their provider. At PeakMed, we’ve partnered with CirrusMD, a health-tech company which offers a text-first approach to telemedicine, to provide our members access to their health care providers when they need it. We call it PeakMed:OnCall.

PeakMed LifeCenters Now Offering Vaccinations

While a shot might not be the most comfortable experience, the diseases they can prevent are much less pleasant. Some of the diseases that vaccinations prevent can be life-threatening. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), immunization currently prevents between 2 million and 3 million deaths every year. Consequently, immunization shots, or vaccinations, are essential. At PeakMed, we are all about disease prevention and staying healthy to live your best life.

Why the Solution to Health Care Doesn’t Lie with Insurance Reform

This year has seen quite the “health care” debate. Members of Congress believe they have the solution to make health care affordable and keep health insurance markets from collapsing. But the so-called health care debate in Washington has nothing to do with actual health care, it has to do with health insurance. To solve the problems with actual health care, it’s time to work with the providers and the “boots on the ground,” because dealing with the insurance system is not the answer.

Get To Know PeakMed In 60 Seconds

Dr. Mark Tomasulo explains PeakMed Direct Primary Care in 60 seconds. Direct Primary Care is so simple, that it can actually be challenging to explain to those who have never heard of it!  If you ever find yourself needing to quickly explain Direct Primary Care to friends, family, or co-workers, just show them this 60-second intro to PeakMed Direct Primary Care, by Dr. Mark Tomasulo, founder and Chief Medical Officer of PeakMed.

Governor Hickenlooper Signs New Direct Primary Care Bill Into Law

After months of work by sponsoring members of Colorado's House, Colorado Academy of Family Physicians, and several Direct Primary Care physicians here in Colorado, led in part by Dr. Mark Tomasulo, founder of PeakMed, HB 17-1115 was finally signed into law yesterday by Governor John Hickenlooper. The new law concerns the establishment of direct primary health care agreements to operate without regulation by the Colorado Division of Insurance.

Colorado Direct Primary Care Bill: A Better Way To Pay For Healthcare?

By Kelsey Ray, Colorado Independent on April 10, 2017

Direct Primary Health Care Services Bill Passes In Senate Committee

Denver, Colorado – House Bill 17-1115 passed the Colorado Senate Committee unanimously today. Dr. Mark Tomasulo testified before the Colorado Senate Committee today on behalf of the bill, clarifying Direct Primary Health Care Services, concerning the establishment of direct primary health care agreements to operate without regulation by the division of insurance.