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Dr. Mark Tomasulo

Dr. Mark Tomasulo
Dr. Mark Tomasulo
President and Chief Executive Officer
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With an ever-changing healthcare system and frustration among both doctors and patients Dr. Tomasulo founded PeakMed Direct Primary Care with the goal of redefining access and decreasing healthcare costs. The business of healthcare has rapidly changed over the last 15 years, and as a result, the doctor-patient relationship has suffered. Doctors are reluctant to enter the specialty of Family Medicine, and senior mentoring physicians are retiring early.The restructuring of the healthcare system has increased costs to the patient as well as to the employer, creating a barrier to true healthcare. PeakMed’s disruptive approach in healthcare has created a platform allowing doctors and patients to communicate, manage, and collaborate individualized care plans without the constraints of a broken system.PeakMed is redefining healthcare transparency, costs, technology, care coordination, and has created a continuum that is doctor-centered and patient-focused.Prior to Dr. Tomasulo’s current role he held multiple positions as:- US Army Regional Medical Director for Aviation Medicine - US Army Family Physician and ICU Hospitalist - Associate Medical Director for Colorado Urgent Care Associates - Emergency Medicine Physician - Multiple small operational deployments in support of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom - Medical Director of forward operating clinics during Operation Iraqi Freedom.Dr. Tomasulo currently holds the title of Chief Executive Officer and founder of PeakMed Holdings, LLC where he focuses on disruptive innovation and bending the curve of cost and access in healthcare.Prior to entering the healthcare space, Dr. Tomasulo spent four years in the Navy as an aircraft mechanic with multiple deployments on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and the George Washington specializing in small unit deployments in support of Operation Desert Storm.

Specialty President and Chief Executive Officer
Degrees Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine
Training Dr. Tomasulo obtained his Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from Nova Southeastern University and completed his medical training through the United States Army. He served eight years in the Army as one of the top officers in his field and was part of small unit deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom
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