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Dr. Craig Kilpatrick, M.D.

Dr. Craig Kilpatrick, M.D.

Doctor of Medicine, Working at PeakMed - Inverness LifeCenter

Dr. Craig Kilpatrick is a fourth generation Colorado native who grew up in Arvada. He graduated cum laude at CU Boulder in 1994 with a degree in molecular, cellular and developmental biology. Kilpatrick left Colorado to attend medical school at Trinity College at the University of Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Kilpatrick completed his 5-year medical training in Dublin’s St. James’ Hospital before returning to the United States and doing his Family Medicine residency at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque. Dr. Kilpatrick moved home to Denver with his wife Lisa in 2010 to care for US veterans at the VA Hospital.

After providing primary care in clinics in New Mexico and Colorado, Dr. Kilpatrick became frustrated with what he saw as a broken “quantity vs. quality” health care system. He felt it was impeding his ability to practice proficient medicine.  Dr. Craig Kilpatrick is pleased to offer real quality care to his patients at PeakMed, and PeakMed is fortunate to have Dr. Kilpatrick on its team.

When Dr. Kilpatrick is not helping his patients improve their health or sewing up a wound (one of his favorite procedures), he’s playing golf, skiing, camping, enjoying time with friends or playing baseball with his young son Alex.


Telephone: (720) 575-7325

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