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Dr. Gary Brown, D.O.

Dr. Gary Brown, D.O.

Family Physician, Working at PeakMed - Tutt LifeCenter

With a broad spectrum of experience, Dr. Brown incorporates each patient’s treatment based on different modalities of integrative medicine, osteopathic medicine, and conventional medicine. His approach melds an evidence based approach of conventional medicine with a whole person perspective of osteopathic and integrative medicine; this model leads to a functional outcome of optimal health. His promise is to take the time to understand each individual and provide attention which is necessary to create a healthcare plan that facilities optimal health. PeakMed provides Dr. Brown with the opportunity to practice medicine the way he intended when he became a physician. He will be able to spend more time with patients in order to provide a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.


Telephone: (719) 380-7325

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