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PeakMed for Business

Membership-Based Employee

Provide your employees with unlimited access to health and care with no copays and no-wait appointments, regardless of insurance, age, illness, or pre-existing conditions.

Provide Healthcare Benefits

Give your team access to unlimited primary healthcare and a dedicated family doctor.

Employee Health

PeakMed can take care of 80%-90% of all employee healthcare needs.

Easy Enrollment

Join today! We are always open for business member enrollment.

PeakMed for Business Membership Enrollment

Benefits of Primary Care Memberships

Improved Healthcare While Reducing Costs
Direct Primary Care for Employees
Direct Primary Services for Businesses
Predictable, “No-Surprises” Fixed Cost Membership

24/7 Unlimited Provider Access
No Insurance & No Co-pays
No Deductibles and No Red Tape
Easy to Implement and Manage

Extended Appointments for Employees
A+ Satisfaction Rating = High-Impact Benefit
Healthier Employees Means Happier Employees
Convenient & Quick: On-site Pharmacy & Lab

Mobile Transport Repair

“We can cover all of our employees for less than what we paid for a standard family plan with its high deductibles and high premiums.”

Holly and Eddy Lawrence from Mobile Transport Repair say PeakMed for Business is one of the best health benefits they offer their employees.

PeakMed Business Members