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Stories from PeakMed Members

I have been in the Medical field for over 30 yrs. I have worked in many Doctors offices myself. This is by far the best Medical office I have ever encountered. My husband and I just love Dr Eric Hetzel and all his staff. The way this office is set up and all it has to offer I highly recommend Peak Med. It really is outstanding!

– Nancy Yetter

Dr. Fry and staff have done an excellent job with their health care, concern and follow up. Prices for services, precriptions and lab work a superior to anything I have I priced out. The Doctor after coming back from a holiday vacation even followed up to check up on my current condition. Billing is easy and appointsment are readly available. Super Staff!

– Norman Sardaczuk

So thankful my husband, Jason, researched and discovered this option. For my parents, who struggle with access to quality care, PeakMed was the answer to many prayers. Where the government is failing, providers are taking matters into their own hands. PeakMed personnel were affordable, accommodating, helpful, friendly, and clearly care for the health and well-being of their patients. Thank you immensely for taking care of my parents!

– Nicole Pierce

My husband and I love PeakMed! I was on my way to the ER for back pain when we called on the off chance that I might be seen right away. PA Kelli was able to get me in and help me even though it was just before closing. Furthermore she called me the next day, which was a Saturday morning to see how I was doing. THIS is what great medical care looks like! I recommend PeakMed to people all the time now.

– Jennifer Fulks

I’ve been very happy with Dr. Fry and staff so far. They are very affordable and helpful. It’s my one stop shop for health care!

– Frankie Holmes

Dr. Fry and the staff at Peak Med are wonderful! They are always friendly, helpful and attentive to your needs. It is very rare to find a doctor that will see you the same day you call! It is always VERY clean too and no waiting with sick people in a waiting room. Dr. Fry has made Healthcare affordable and she’s great!!

– Dana Franks

Really really like doctor Allison fry and the rest of the staff everybody is so nice you never have to feel rushed,doctor fry really listen to my health issues. Thank you for this great place.

– Angelika Wiliams

Dr. Fry is terrific and I love not being in a packed waiting room full of sick people!! Appointments within 24 hours and connection options in so many ways ! Thank you Peak Med-the way doctoring should be!!

– Kathy Stempko

Dr Hetzel and P.A. Kelly are amazing. They both know their stuff. The staff is amazing too. I can’t speak highly enough of the folks on Tutt. Thank you thank you thank you!!

– Michael Van Buren

PeakMed is returning common sense to health care against the tide of insurance and government bureaucracy.

– David White

PeakMed is absolutely wonderful. 1 appointment, 1 stop, medical attention, labs, and medicine… lovely and efficient. I am in love!

– Pam Walker

This is a fantastic fresh take on Medical Care ! Friendly ! Spent a hour talking with Dr Hetzel! Their approach is simple yet complete care!! I feel their vision is to bring health care back to the people! Not profit driven!! But fair price, for visits, labs, X-rays, medication at a fraction of the cost yet providing a welcoming relaxed enviorement for health care ! Give them a try!!

– Terri Green

“Dr. Fry is the most compassionate doctor I have met in years. She doesn’t just look at your physical ailments, she looks at your whole being. I am never uncomfortable going to her office, the staff know me by name, I never feel like “a patient”. I feel more like family! She is my ‘go to” person. She cares (about) me!”

Kim V.

“PeakMed is amazing. My doctor always knows what’s going on and how my life is going. I always feel like I am being listened to and understood. I would recommend PeakMed to anyone.”

“I would recommend PeakMed because when I go there, I hardly have to wait to see the doctor! I have even been able to see the doctor on some days last minute without an appointment.”

“PeakMed is the best. I love Dr. Fry! She calls, emails and texts. Anytime I am sick or have asthma she is always available! She goes over my options and makes me feel comfortable!”

“My boyfriend has taken advantage of the email feature multiple times and always gets a prompt response!”

“It is very easy to refill my prescription. I just email Dr. Fry and she takes care of everything. She is always emailing me to see how I am doing on my prescription. She sets appointments and check up. Love it!”

“Every time I have gone in they are very quick with helping me and making sure I am comfortable and have everything I need.”

“I really love Dr. Fry at the Tejon location. My husband really likes that she reaches out to him regularly in advance so he doesn’t run out of the medication he needs. She is great at reminding us when we are due for a follow up. We all really feel like she cares for us.”

“I really enjoy PeakMed because of the variance of services offered, from health concerns to weight loss support and getting in that free consultation a month is a big benefit.”

“Dr. Fry and the whole Tejon team is always very friendly and very efficient.”

“Only used once but the service was great and easy to make appointment and fast in and out.”

“Dr. Fry never rushes the visit. She’s very thorough and easy to contact with any need I may have.”

“I love PeakMed! No wait – great doctors”

“PeakMed is convenient, friendly with available appointments and quick care. I see PA Mark Davis.”

“I love PeakMed!”

Linda B.

“We love PeakMed!”

Margaret E.

“PeakMed has been a great experience. Dr. Hetzel is very personable, works with you as more “coach style” Blood labs on site, prescriptions on site etc. Friendly staff, flexible scheduling.”

“Excellent service, very personable.”

“Efficient Service, Friendly Staff, Responsive, Convenient”

“PeakMed is great. I hated going to the doctor before ENT added this program to our benefits. Dr. Fry is the best!”

“I was tired of it being so hard to get an appointment with my doctor and waiting forever once I got there so I tried PeakMed and I love it. It is always fast to get in and Dr. Brown is amazing!”

“I love Dr. Alison! She’s always made me feel comfortable and has been helpful anytime I have gone to see her.”

“I love PeakMed, I have always found it easy to use and easy to be seen quickly. Dr. Brown is wonderful!”

“PeakMed is wonderful. You can get appointments with no wait times. You are able to contact your physician with problems. I am very happy with my experience with PeakMed.”

“PeakMed on Tejon is amazing. Dr. Fry and team are the best! Best primary provider ever!”

“I love PeakMed. The availability of care is excellent. Dr. Brown is Great!”

“The PeakMed staff is always quick and friendly when I go in and Dr. Brown always remembers what we talked about last time I was in which is incredible!”

“I visited the PeakMed off Tutt and was pleased with the care that was taken during my visit. Everyone was friendly and helped me with all my needs.”

“PeakMed has been great. I have visited both the Tutt and Tejon locations and they both were very clean and friendly. They took care of my needs quickly and got me on my way. Strep went from a $150 plus to $2.88 for just the medication. I love PeakMed.”

“My family uses PeakMeds services. The location on Tutt is very convenient and the staff is great! They strive to make things easy on families with busy schedules and even got all 4 of us in for flu shots with little advance notice.”

“My experience with PeakMed has been awesome thus far. For me, it has been very convenient. The staff has been stellar and my doctor has been helpful. I definitely recommend that the ENT staff take advantage of the service”

“Only been to South PeakMed once but it was a great experience. I was able to get in right away for treatment of a bladder infection. I will definitely go back to see PA Mark.”

“Coming from the VA, my first experience was incredible. Being able to get an appointment same day was amazing. Thank You!”

“I enjoy PeakMed. It’s easy to get in and the notification text messages are great.”

“Love PeakMed! Always fast and efficient. Way better than family physician office.”

“I love that at PeakMed they can almost always get us in whenever. I also love the ability to text my doctor and ask questions or get a prescription filled. PeakMed and Dr. Fry are great!”

“Working with Dr. Fry has been a great experience. She always emails or texts me back quickly and addresses all of our concerns. She checks in with us after office visits. Great experience with PeakMed.”

“Always the best service in and out within 30 min. Dr. Brown is wonderful and easy to talk to. They always ask if I want something to drink as well and it’s a nice little touch.”

“PeakMed is a great resource. You can always get an appointment same day. Medications are filled immediately when called in. They can also do lab work on site so there is no hassle trying to find a lab. An added benefit is that Dr. Brown is a D.O.!”

“I like PeakMed for the ability to be seen same day that you need help.”

“Everyone at the Tutt location is amazing! Tianna, Chey and the girls make every visit a great one. Thanks for all you do!!!”

“We love PeakMed! I never have to wait to be seen and I feel like they always listen.”

“I love PeakMed! There has never been a time where I have called in and haven’t gotten in same day. They are all very friendly and know their jobs well. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable doctor.”

“I love the convenience of being able to text my doctor anytime for prescription refills or with questions. It is always quick and easy to get an appointment when needed. The staff is friendly and professional.”

“I like how promptly I can get in when needed and the variety of ways to determine course of action. The initial consultation was GREAT and I feel that I have developed a better base of understanding.”

“We switched to PeakMed in search of more personalized, compassionate medical care. Dr. Brown did not disappoint us and he was attentive, concerned and created a plan of action. Although my plan of care needed a referral to a specialist, I felt that Dr. Brown took the time to listen and cared enough to dig deeper into my symptoms. He’s available via cell when needed and truly takes medical care to the next level! Thank you for all that you do!”

“PeakMed has been great and easy to work with our doctor. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We like the communication piece of it, like getting notices via email.”

“PeakMed has been great. Always get a response when I text. Daughter had a visit. Went well!”

“I love PeakMed. I never get any bills, no documents to physically hand sign, no hold times. I will never go back to my old doctor’s office. PeakMed is the best!”

“I love PeakMed! I currently go to the downtown location and see Dr. Fry. She and her staff are very welcoming, knowledgeable and efficient. I recommend PeakMed to Everyone! I love that I am seen instantly, my health seems important to Dr. Fry and staff. I have zero complaints.”

“Dr. Fry and PeakMed are awesome all around! I have had nothing but a great experience whenever I use this wonderful benefit!”

“We have been to the Tejon location 2x this year. PA Mark and the ladies are professional and well informed. So far everything has run well.”

“PeakMed does a great job at appointments same day visits. Convenient, friendly with no co pays.”

“I love the fact that I can contact my doctor anytime and I don’t need to make an appointment.”

“We have loved our experiences with Peak Med. Dr. Dygert made our whole family feel very comfortable and valued. He even went out of his way to fill out adoption physical paperwork for us and locate a place we could get additional tests we needed. The kids loved him and I loved how easy it was to make appointments and be seen right away.”

Shara P.

Peak Med is the path to wellness. It is a progressive center with patient centered care. I followed Dr. Brown here when he joined the team and it is the best decision I have made for health care.”

Deb C.

“This is a true focus on wellness, and treating the whole individual. Dr. Lynch is kind, competent and effective. She goes the extra mile to get to the right answer. Highly recommend!”

Laura C.

“Being able to talk to your doctor about your health like you would any other buddy you hold in high regard. That’s the PeakMed experience.”

Pauline E.