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Mental Health

PeakMed expands its innovative healthcare model to include fully-integrated primary care and behavioral health. The program embeds licensed counselors and therapists within the primary care setting, giving members access to affordable mental healthcare.Dr. Mark Tomasulo, Founder and CEO of PeakMed, said expanding the behavioral health program was a natural fit. “We want to help members achieve their health goals, whether it’s physical, emotional, preventative, or chronic disease management. A strong

How does your gut health impact your mental health? In our Mind Matters series, we explore the mind and body connection.Learn easy tips on how to feed your mind with good nutrients and strategies to reduce your stress and anxiety.The event is hosted by Kristi Edwards, PeakMed’s behavioral health specialist and Jessica Roiser, PeakMed's certified wellness and nutrition consultant.

With the rate of suicide on the rise over the last three decades, mental health advocates, survivors, and allies are working together to raise awareness and help those contemplating suicide as well as those who have been impacted by it. In Colorado, suicide remains a prominent cause of death among the 45-64 age group and a leading cause of death among those ages 10-24.¹ Nationally, over 38,000 people die as a