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What is DPC?

Healthcare Without Bureaucracy

People don’t know how to shop for healthcare. The system makes it nearly impossible. At PeakMed, we’ve stripped away the bureaucracy, administration, and insurance costs of doing business. That means we can pass on savings instead of overhead to our patients. Our members save, on average, 50% to 80% on their out-of-pocket healthcare costs — and that’s without insurance!

Go direct for better health and care.

Avoid ER and Urgent Care

Our goal is to keep you healthy, happy, and free of costly out-of-pocket expenses.

Extended Doctor Visits

DPC doctors get real time with patients, 30-60 minutes on average.

Healthcare Price Navigation

Need a specialists visit, labs, or imaging? We will help you shop around for your healthcare and save thousands doing it!

Direct Primary Healthcare

Going to see your doctor is expensive and inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be. Direct Primary Care, or “DPC”, is a new model for delivering primary healthcare. As a member of a DPC practice, you’ll pay a low, monthly membership fee. That membership gives you an all-access pass to your doctor though office visits, phone calls, text messaging, email, and even virtual office visits.

Savings on Emergency Room Visits
Savings on Urgent Care
Savings on Medications
Savings on Labs and Imaging

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